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How to Improve Sleep Quality? Three Tips to Help you Fall Asleep Easily

In modern life, people are more or less so painful: they can’t sleep at night, and they can’t wake up in the morning, which forms a vicious circle. To solve this sleep problem, you need weighted blanket for sale. In fact, there is a close relationship between sleep and day and night. The life of “sunrise and sunset” is the adaptation to this natural law. weighted blanket for sale uk. However, when human beings entered modern civilization, this pattern was severely damaged.

Staying up late becomes a common phenomenon, and many people spend precious sleep time on meaningless activities such as parties, dinners, and mobile phones. Excited before going to bed, people’s nerves have been in a state of excitement, greatly affecting their sleep quality. weighted blanket on sale black friday. If the quality of sleep is not good, people will easily feel tired and depressed, resulting in inattention and inefficiency. Even in life, people often feel mentally paralyzed and limbless.

How to improve sleep quality? Here are three ways to improve your sleep.

3 Effective Ways to Improve Sleep

Method 1: Reduce noise

The effect of noise on sleep

The main reason why many people can’t sleep at night is that the noise is too loud. Continuous noise makes it hard to sleep, and sudden noise can wake up. At this time, you need to block the noise, let yourself stay away from the noise and sleep peacefully. For example, wearing a soundproof earplug and putting a king size weighted blanket 20 lbs can quickly calm down.

Wireless Sound Soother Headband

Method 2: shading

Modern research has found that strong light can cause strong stimulation to the human brain, which can easily lead to brain excitement. At the same time, it can stimulate the human retina to produce nerve impulses, induce abnormal brain activity, and make people unable to sleep. If a person sleeps under strong light for three consecutive days, there will be nervous system disorders and even mental disorders.

philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

Method 3: weighted blanket for sleep

More than one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and a comfortable pillow is helpful for improving sleep quality. Then, choosing a few comfortable bedding is imperative. When it comes to bedding, the most important thing is to choose a comfortable pillow and weighted blanket for couples. The pillow should not only support the lordosis of the neck, but also the kyphosis of the back of the head. Only in this way, the tissues and organs of the neck will be in a state of relaxation and rest.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Contour Pillow – White
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A New Helper to Promote Sleep? The Experience of Using the Weighted Blanket

I believe that the fast-paced life of today makes many people’s sleep quality worse, and even suffer from insomnia. I used to have severe insomnia for a while, and I couldn’t sleep all night. The feeling of blinking and looking brighter and brighter outside the window was really indescribable. Fortunately, I was slowly recovered after treatment. Where to buy gravity blanket? But as a person with poor sleep quality, I haven’t experienced the feeling of sleeping until 8 in the morning for a long time. I have also tried many physical devices for this purpose, such as Cassia pillows, Thai rubber pillows, and spring mattresses. Although the decompression effect of these bedding products is not obvious, it still helps a little more or less. Recently, my friend discovered this cheap weighted blanket for adults. I heard this kind of thing for the first time and I plan to try it.

In short, the gravity blanket uses the principle of deep contact pressure to stimulate the pressure points on the body, just like the feeling of being embraced, the nervous system is relaxed, the levels of serotonin and famol in the cortex are reduced, and melatonin is increased. Where to find cheapest weighted blanket for sale. Thereby better promoting sleep while reducing stress. Similar scientific explanations are used in the brochures of various decompression products, which is amazing, but the actual effect is hard to say, you have to try it yourself.

What is a weighted blanket used for?

A weighted blanket, as its name suggests, is a quilt with small glass or metal chain weaves. When people lie under them, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. These anxiety blankets for sale can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including long-term insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and environmental stress and long-term anxiety.

It is said that the weight of the selected weighted blanket for adults should be between 7% and 13% of the body weight. The one I purchased is 9 kg, which is 12% of my weight.

Design Interpretation

weighted blanket for adults reviews
  • The quilt is very big and heavy. Small plastic beads are filled into the core to achieve weight.
  • Open the product package, there are two pieces inside, which are the core and the quilt.
  • The weighted blanket is divided into dozens of square areas, each of which is filled with small particles and polyester cotton to prevent the beads from running around and keeping the pressure uniform.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

When purchasing a weighted blanket, it should be chosen according to each individual’s unique needs and preferences. For example, some people prefer heavier weighted blankets for sleep, while others prefer lighter blankets. Frankly speaking, there are no strict rules that require you to choose a specific weight, the best is the one that suit for you.

Weighted blankets typically weigh between 5 and 25 pounds. The merchant’s recommendation is that the weight is slightly more than 10% of the user’s weight. For example, for a child weighing 100 pounds, the blanket should be 10 pounds. For a 200-pound adult, the weight of the blanket should be 20 pounds.

Weighted blanket for children (Small Kids)

For underage children between the ages of 6 and 12, we recommend using a medium weight weighted blanket. It measures approximately 38 inches by 62 inches and weighs between 3 and 8 pounds.

Child WeightBlanket Weight
20-pound child3lbs
30-pound child4lbs
40-pound child5lbs
50-pound child6lbs
60-pound child7lbs
70-pound child8lbs
Can weighted blankets help anxiety?

Weighted blanket for children (Medium Kids)

The size guide you need to know about a weighted blanket for children, kids with autism, and sensory benefits.

Child WeightBlanket Weight
30-pound child5lbs
40-pound child6lbs
50-pound child7lbs
60-pound child8lbs
70-pound child9lbs
80-pound child10lbs
90-pound child11lbs
100-pound child12lbs
110-pound child13lbs
120-pound child14lbs
130-pound child15lbs

Weighted blanket for adults

Weighted Blanket SizeBlanket Weight

Size Guide to help You Choose the Perfect Size

The standard size gravity blanket is perfect for those who are eager for deep pressure when sleeping. Minors tend to choose 6-pound to 10-pound blankets, and most women tend to choose 15-pound blankets. Most men tend to choose 20-pound blankets.

User’s Height (inches)Blanket Size (inches) Weight
36 – 4236 x 48 6 lb
42 – 4836 x 54 8 lb
48 – 5436 x 60 OR 42 x 72 10 lb OR 12 lb
55 – 6742 x 72 16 lb
68+48 x 78 20 lb