CMFRT Weighted Blanket | Fits Queen-Sized Bed Top (48”x78” – 12 lb)


CMFRT Weighted Blanket – | Fits Queen-Sized Bed Top (48”x78” – 12 lb) | 100% Soft Breathable Cotton | Get Quality Rest | (Perfect for 100 lb Individual)




  • “IT’S LIKE A WARM HUG AND A CUP OF COFFEE” ✓ Sleep better with a calming and soothing weighted blanket that you can take anywhere
  • THE BEST EVENLY DISTRIBUTED WEIGHT GUARANTEED ✓ Our advanced uniform stitching method and the smallest pockets in the industry will not annoyingly slide around or need constant adjustment
  • ENGINEERED WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY FABRICS ✓ 100% Clima-cool cotton allows for comfortable use during winter or summer *This listing does not come with an outer duvet cover*
  • SIZE MATTERS ✓ Our larger blankets perfectly lay on top of queen-sized beds and our smaller blankets generously cover the entire body – *Choosing Blanket Weight* – Follow your personal preference for a lighter or heavier blanket, or you may choose 10% of your body weight
  • MACHINE WASHABLE ✧ Machine washable on low, gentle cycle with cold water. Do not iron, do not dry clean. Tumble dry on low or Hang to dry. – For more info, please visit us at




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